A brand new restaurant to Wichita Falls will be opening in just a few short weeks and it's no chain. The very first Angus' Burgers will be opening up in a very convenient location.

No denying what this place is going to be serving, it's in the name. The owners told me to prepare your taste buds for 100% Angus beef on gourmet buns very soon. No word on the official opening yet, but we have to be getting close. Prepare for an official opening sometime later this month. So keep an eye out at their location right across from Sikes Senter Mall on Midwestern Parkway.

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So what everyone wants to know is, does Angus' Burgers only have burgers? The owner told me vegetarian options will be available as well. Salads are on the menu, along with gluten-free options. To go along with those great Angus Burgers they will have some of the crispiest fries ever. Finally, they said they look forward to serving the people of Wichita Falls an amazing meal and to stop by to give them a try once they're open.

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