If I know Whataburger fans, they will not like this news. That A-frame design we have all grown to love is going away.

Looks like over in San Antonio, they will be getting the first redesigned Whataburger. James Turcotte, Whataburger's senior VP of real estate, calls it a "merger of new and old." He also says, "We have gone to great lengths and effort to try to maintain the linkage to our past, because we know, particularly in Texas, that people's grandparents have eaten there, their parents have eaten there, they're eating there.We don't take that loyalty lightly at all. We're going to great lengths to try to make sure that they feel like the tradition of Whataburger is still there and being maintained, and we're being good stewards of the brand."

Townsquare Media El Paso
Townsquare Media El Paso

Whataburger currently has over 700 locations throughout the south. The company says the plan is for all locations to look like this within the next ten years. The companywide design overhaul de-emphasizes Whataburger's familiar A-frame, adds glass to the front of the building, updates the décor, and refashions the kitchen. The interior exudes a modern yet retro feel, highlighted by orange and gray seating, and warm wood finishes.

Whataburger will also be opening their first franchises in Tennessee and Kansas City within the next few months. I know folks don't like change, but I think we will grow to like the new Whataburger look. Don't get me wrong, they can sway me very easily. Allow me to get taquitos 24/7 and I will forgive the new updates.

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