Kaylin Roberson, 23, and her boyfriend Matt Gorman, 23, sing together, write together and even moved to Nashville for music after being born and raised in separate states. So when they appeared on the latest episode of American Idol on Monday (March 21), they inevitably decided to audition as a duo.

Before their performance, Roberson opened up about her musical relationship with her beau, telling viewers, “Every time we’re on stage together, there’s just something very special about it. I do not want to go to Hollywood myself. I feel like I would miss [Matt] way too much. So we both have to get a golden ticket. That’s it. That’s all that has to happen.”

Instead of channeling a song by another artist, the loving pair, who met at a photoshoot, performed one of their original songs called “Fast Forever.” Gorman, who strummed on a guitar, took the first verse before his girlfriend, who held onto a guitar but didn’t strum the instrument, joined in with harmony on the chorus. She also showcased her voice on the second verse and seemed to outshine her partner's raspy vocals with her incredible vocal range.

“Kaylin, your voice, it just, you know, cuts through massively. You’ve got a big step out of the spotlight and let it rip kind of voice. But what’s fun is it’s not hokey. It’s just a big voice that’s authentically yours. It has all of the right country things going on,” Luke Bryan praised Kaylin's vocals. “Matt. You’re the opposite. It’s a laid-back, kind of California feeling. I love the tone of it. But, I think it’s about pushing it day in and day out to expand your range…. I think, for now, I’d rather see you here [in Nashville] spending that time writing. It's going to be a ‘no’ right now for American Idol.”

“Kaylin, you really stand out,” Katy Perry noted. “Matt. You didn’t shine as much in the duet, but you definitely have grit to your voice.”

Although Lionel Richie loved both singers' voices, voting them through to Hollywood as a duo, Gorman received only one ‘yes’ from the judging panel. However, all three judges voted ‘yes’ for Roberson. While the duo was forced to split up on Idol, they intend to remain side by side throughout the competition.

“You are going to need Matt as a rock,” Richie told Roberson after she was the only one of the two to earn a golden ticket to Hollywood. “I’m just going to tell you that because it is not going to be just a cakewalk for you here. I’m just glad you have a Matt.”

American Idol begins its Hollywood week on Sunday (March 27) on ABC.

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