How is that thing still driving?!

It was a severe weather day for us in Wichita Falls yesterday. Parts of Texas actually had tornadoes touch down and cause some severe damage. South of us in Jacksboro got hit awfully hard yesterday. Footage is going viral throughout Texas from the storms, but nothing is topping this footage out of Elgin, Texas.

Just east of Austin, a truck actually flipped over on its side due to the high winds. The wind then spun the truck around, then flipped it back onto all four wheels and the truck drives away like nothing happened. I'm not the biggest truck guy, but I believe that looks like a Chevy Silverado.

Attention, Chevy Marketing Department, find out who this is and pay them for an advertisement. This footage proves your trucks are tornado tough. The only thing I have seen crazier than this is when Top Gear put a truck on top of building that was getting imploded.

They got that freaking truck to start back up. Notice both of these trucks are red, so maybe it has got something to do with that. Another viral video from the tornadoes yesterday is from a Walmart parking lot.

Pretty scary scenes throughout Texas yesterday. Remember to always be weather aware and pay attention to those alerts that go out. They hopefully will prevent you from getting caught in one of these situations.

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