I hope this thing has soft seat cushions

I think most people have seen a vehicle use its hydraulic suspension to bounce the front end up and down, either in real life or certainly in a movie. Usually, the front wheels jump up from around 6 inches to a foot.

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Well, this little rascal is in a class of his own. This bad boy can jump. This thing is the Michael Jordan of Chevy S10s.



The video opens with the tricked-out truck lowering down close to the ground as if to gather its strength. All four wheels cock out at a weird angle as the crowd watches in anticitpation.



Then this fella just yeets up into the sky like it's nothing! I mean, look at that, it's about three feet in the air in this pic.

Boing boing boing

It then continues to bounce up and down looking like a gorilla on a pogo stick. I wish the windows weren't tinted so dark because I'd love to see what's happening to the people inside the truck.

Check it out on the video below and then keep scrolling for the best comments.

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