You would say she gave him...her two cents. Sorry, couldn't help myself.

On Tuesday morning, the Wichita Falls police department was called out to the 5200 block of Professional Drive. An alleged assault had taken place and police were talking to the victim. The victim says he was attacked by his significant other 19-year-old Caitlyn Dowdy.

The victim says he found two pennies that were stuck together and he was trying to separate them. The victim told police that Dowdy called them “gross.” Dowdy also wanted the victim to wash his hand multiple times after touching the stuck together pennies. The couple then went to bed.

The next day, the pennies were still on their minds when they woke up and an argument ensued. The victim told police Dowdy became irate and began slapping and scratching him. Eventually, Dowdy stopped assaulting the victim and left the apartment complex. Police were able to find her at a nearby family member’s apartment and arrested her.

She was arrested and charged with Assault Family Violence.

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