There’s something lurking in Zack Snyder’s Army of the DeadAnd it ain’t just zombies.

According to some viewers of Snyder’s new zombie heist movie, the 4K print of the movie streaming on Netflix contains some “dead pixels”; tiny white specks within the image. A dead pixel can sometimes be caused by a broken television — and if you search Twitter for the phrases “Army of the Dead” and “dead pixel” you’ll see that many people initially assumed that something was wrong with their 4K TVs when they spotted the little spots in Army of the Dead. But it’s been reported by enough viewers that it’s clearly not an issue with any one specific TV.

One Twitter user caught the dead pixel on video:

Here’s another video of the issue in a different shot:

There is an obvious joke to make here, so let’s not let the moment pass without making it.

Thank you.

According to Variety, Netflix “had no comment” on the issue; thus farm Snyder hasn’t publicly commented on it either. If you’re seeing the dead pixel(s) and you’re finding it distracting and want a short-term solution, you may want to try switching to a lower resolution version of the film, as thus far it’s only been reported on the 4K version of Army of the Dead. One user who spotted the issue on Reddit tested various versions, and claimed it does not appear in the 1080p print of the movie.

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