According to Jean-Luc Godard, “All you need to make a movie is a girl and a gun.” If only it were that simple. Anyone who has ever tried will tell you filmmaking gets a lot more complicated than that.

So it’s sort of refreshing to see a director get candid with his audience about what it really takes to make a movie. That’s what’s promised in Netflix’s new series Snyder School. it features Zack Snyder breaking down the process of moviemaking from a variety of angles. The debut episode, which just premiered on Netflix’s YouTube channel, is all about the art of the opening title sequence. In the 13-minute video, Snyder breaks down the history of title sequences in his films, starting with Dawn of the Dead and going right up to his new Army of the Dead, and how they can be used to break down and rebuild the reality of a film. Watch Snyder School Episode 1 below:

This is the first of four Snyder School episodes in the coming weeks. Here’s the descriptions of each of them, along with their release dates:

‘Snyder School’ Episode 1 | Opening Titles | May 24, 2021 Release
Zack Snyder explores how he approaches opening title sequences, as a way to establish the tone and world of a film
‘Snyder School’ Episode 2 | Lights, Camera, Action | May 27, 2021 Release
How Zack Snyder uses cinematography, and how he approaches choreographing and shooting action scenes
‘Snyder School’ Episode 3 | Making the Cut | June 1, 2021 Release
Zack Snyder explains how he uses editing, color, music and sound design in his films
‘Snyder School’ Episode 4 | World Building | June 7, 2021 Release
All of Zack's films have involved an alternate universe, whether it's superheroes, zombies, or a comic book reality. How does he approach building a cinematic universe?

Snyder’s Army of the Dead is now available on Netflix — who also announced that Snyder School is the first of “an ongoing initiative of Netflix filmmaker deep dives, called ‘How to Make Movies.’”

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