We've all seen the news articles about the Ashley Madison leak. We've seen the names of celebrities who had accounts on the site. The question we are all really wanting to know is, who do we know who was trying to have an affair?

Yes, you can go thought the pages of leaked e-mail addresses looking for your friends, but if you're just wondering what the odds are that your neighbor could have been stepping out on his wife, here's a way to narrow it down.

This interactive map from Tecnilogica shows how many users were registered in every city. It also shows how many of those users were females. Looking at the stats, that site was kind of a sausage party.

So, what's the breakdown in Texoma? Honestly, it was lower than I expected. Still, there were 5,888 users in Wichita Falls. Of those, 86.8886% were men. Looking at the surrounding areas: Burkburnett had 456 users, Iowa Park had 343, and Electra clocked in at 103, Holliday had 68, and even little Petrolia had 92.

Looking north of the border, there were 7,013 people signed up in Lawton, 38 in Randlett, 33 in Grandfield, and 85 in Walters.

I'll let you do the math, but when you figure that some of those towns have under 500 people, there's a good chance that if you live there you know someone who was looking for some loving outside of their marriage.

Play around with the map above, or check it out full screen here.

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