UPDATE:  After his name was revealed as a paid user of the adultery website Ashley Madison, vlogger Sam Rader has issued a statement confirming it was his account and that he's been forgiven by his wife and God.

29-year-old Sam and his 26-year-old wife Nia posted a video on their YouTube account Friday addressing the controversy.  Sam admitted to making the account two years ago, said he never met anyone from the site face-to-face or had an affair, and he's been forgiven by Nia and God, so he's cleansed of the sin.  The Rader's also said that as its something in their past and something they've put behind them as a couple and through their church, this video would be their only comment on the situation.


In the wake of criticism that their recent pregnancy and miscarriage videos were a hoax, Sam and Nia Rader have more to deal with after Sam's name was revealed as a paid user of the adultery website Ashley Madison.

Just like Josh Duggar earlier this week, Sam Rader's name was one of many revealed to be paid subscribers to the adultery website after it was hacked and its databases were made public last month.  A credit card issued under the name "Samuel Rader" and billed to Sam and Nia's Terrell, Texas home was used to activate an account in September 2013 and made two payments of $189 each.  The email address used for the account was also from the domain "becausethatswhy.com", which was registered to Sam in 2011.

A person identified as Sam's manager stated that they would not be commenting on the situation at this time, and direct requests for comments from Sam have gone unanswered.  The account in question ended in November of 2013, just months before Sam and Nia gained attention from their video of them singing a song from "Frozen" with their daughter in the family's car.

via Gawker