Cities get ranked on everything, guess we can now add pandemics for the singles as a category now.

This was a strangle article I found today on how people are dating during the pandemic. The survey took a look at major cities throughout the country and used several factors to determine the best. The big one, how many activities are avaiable in your city that are outdoors. Texas has three cities in the top ten, with Austin leading the way at number one.

San Antonio came in at six and Houston is at eight. "With the Lone Star State’s warm climate and host of outdoor opportunities, it’s no surprise the state dominated the top 10," the study said. "Whether you’re sitting outdoors eating BBQ in Houston or enjoying socially-distanced Tex-Mex in San Antonio, Texas clearly offers a strong dating scene."

Let's take a look at the number one dating city during the pandemic. 89.7 of people said they were satisfied with the city's  outdoor activities.The study also found that while 52.5 percent of people are single, 34.6 percent are overall satisfied with the dating scene. Austin also won last year for simply the best dating city.

Those outdoor activities include the drive-in movie theatres in Austin or a picnic in Zilker Park. I'll be honest, had to look that place up. It's quite massive and beautiful to go along with it. So plenty of space to spread out and enjoy a nice Austin day.

I know what you maybe thinking, should people really be dating right now. Here is what they had to say about that. "In many ways it’s a wonderful time to date: virtual dating means that many get the opportunity to get to know someone before they get physical, which is a major plus if you’re looking for a committed, long-term relationship. Being more socially isolated also means many are more vulnerable and authentic– because intimacy is of high value. Even though life is incredibly challenging right now, there are silver linings to all experiences – we just have to remember to look for them."

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