Bill Lockwood continues to discuss the vaccine mandates going on throughout the country and the ones directly affecting us in Wichita Falls.

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Earlier this week, you may have seen some interviews from some of the workers who are being affected by the vaccine mandates in Wichita Falls. This week, Bill Lockwood had on two local doctors and what they think of the vaccine mandates in Wichita Falls. You can listen to American Liberty Saturday mornings at 11 am on NewsTalk 1290 and 96.3 FM. Here is what Bill had to say about this week's show.

The opinions in the following segments do not represent United Regional and these comments are the people's own opinions.

Vaccination Madness 
Two In-Studio Guests:
(1) Dr. Jack Askins (cardiologist, Wichita Falls)
(2) Dr. Bob McBroom (Infectious Disease Specialist)
All FOUR segments are discussions that revolve around
(1) The Vaccine Mandates. Both doctors question the government push to force all citizens to become vaccinated. (2) Moving the "Goal-posts." The CDC and NIH have actually "changed" several definitions very recently: (a) What is and what is NOT a "vaccine." (b) What constitutes "Gain-of-Function" research. Such activities by governmental entities raises suspicions that the vaccination madness involves as much politics as it does medicine.
(3) Reflections on the Texas legislature and the lack of activity to support Gov. Abbott's Executive Order banning vaccination "mandates" in the state of Texas. (4) A short review of Dr. Askins' new articles on the topic: "Patents, Players, and Plandemics," as well as "Back to the Future: 1905 Mandates." (5) Encouraging admonitions from Dr. Bob McBroom to "let's all become people again"--take off the masks, get back to normal--the virus will probably affect everyone before it's over anyway. So, let's be people again!

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