Azealia Banks shared a tearful and frightening Instagram story where she asked for help after she reported that a neighbor pulled a gun on her.

"This is the second time my neighbor pulled a gun on me," she said through her tears. "Threatening to f--king shoot me." Parts of the video are inaudible from her crying and breathing heavily.

Her cry for help went on for over two minutes. "I know the cops are going to take his side," Banks continued. "Please come to my house right now."

"I didn't go to the cops because I'm the only black girl on the street, I don't think anybody knows who I am," she said through the tears. "But he came outside with a gun and he pointed the gun at me."

She begged and pleaded for anyone near The Valley to come to her house to help her. She admitted how scared she was and that she didn't have friends or family nearby. Banks even said her full address to the camera in hopes that she could get some support from her followers.

Hours later, she posted an update to her followers saying that she was traumatized but doing okay. She shared that she left her house and is now somewhere safe.

Watch the frightening video, below.

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