Kanye West has definitely made sure to stay in the spotlight since the release of his latest album, 'The Life Of Pablo.' From the Twitter rants, to the Tidal-only distribution, he's made sure people are talking about him and the album.

There's one thing that he hasn't done though. Something you usually expect when an artist released new music. Kanye has yet to release a music video for any of the songs on the album.

No need to worry, though. Aziz Ansari and his 'Master Of None' co-star Eric Wareheim took this matter into their own hands. The two comedians took some time away from filming the second season of their Netflix show to record this hilarious new video. It features the pair doing all sorts of funny things in Italy while singing the controversial Kanye tune 'Famous.'

We don't know yet how Kanye feels about the video. Unlike other Kanye video parodies though, we think this one may be a little more "laughing with" than "laughing at" Kanye. As Aziz has talked about in his stand-up, he's a big Kanye fan and they've hung out before.

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