Nabisco has found a new way to capitalize on the ever-growing bacon movement with their new Bacon Flavored Ritz Crackers. When a friend told me about them, I had to try them out for myself. Here is my review of the new cracker.

Many bacon-flavored items fall short by using a fake bacon flavoring that simply won’t leave your mouth, no matter how much you brush or how many sticks of gum you chew. I will admit I was afraid of that when trying this cracker, because they would either get it right, or they could have gone terribly wrong with their flavoring. Upon opening a sleeve, I immediately noticed little black flecks on the cracker, which is an additional black pepper seasoning.

My first cracker was plain with no topping. I needed to get the full effect. I was pleasantly surprised by the fact that they got it right. The flavor isn’t overwhelming, the black pepper gives it a hint of a kick, and the saltiness of the cracker brings the whole thing together.

Photo taken by Bethany Lee

Because many people like a topping on their cracker, like me, I pulled out a block of marble jack cheese and tried my next cracker with that addition.

Seriously. You must try this. The cheese seems to bring out more of the flavor, and they complement each other quite well.

So the big question is – Do the crackers really taste like bacon? Though I like the crackers and suggest you buy a box right now, I think the taste is closer to that of pepperoni. That might explain why cheese is so great with the cracker. I’m not faulting Nabisco for this, because nothing tastes exactly like bacon except for bacon. The company did a great job and I’m hoping they keep the product around.

My verdict: Buy this.