A fight broke out in the middle of the street, all because someone wouldn't let another car over. 

Based on what I have seen on the internet a lot of Texans suffer from road rage, even here in Wichita Falls. This happened in Houston on Highway 6 and 290.

According to Twitter, the people in the white car were trying to get over. The people in the blue truck wouldn't let them in. Words were exchanged and people got out of the car. That should have been the freaking end of it, but it gets worse.

The woman goes back to the car to get more yelling in. The guy from the truck stomps the guys hood, and that's when the guys from the white car get out to fight. The woman tries to break it up and, unfortunately, gets hit in the face. Once again, this should be the end of it, but it's not.

The truck decided to back up into the guys car. The car's hood folds in like a piece of paper. Just to think, this all started from not letting someone get over.