Thank God for smartphones. 

Because you never know when or where a good old-fashioned brawl will break out. And it would be a crying shame if the entire world couldn’t enjoy the show. 

Luckily, someone was on point with their phone at the ready when a couple of dudes started rolling around on the floor at the Albertsons in Corinth, Texas. That person must have felt like they hit the jackpot.

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The video is captioned with “Came to Albertsons to get some milk and seen this going on.” How awesome is that? 

They left the house thinking they were going out for a milk run and got treated to some fine entertainment. That’s what we corporate types call a win-win. 

I know there will be those who complain about the person filming the video rather than calling the police or helping break the fight up. But I don’t have a problem with it. 

I mean, there were three dudes up close and personal to the guys who were squabbling and they weren’t able to stop it. So, might as well break out the phone and capture the action.

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