These are not your average neighborhood kitties. 

I grew up in a rural area, where you expect to see wild critters from time to time. However, seeing them in a suburban neighborhood is an entirely different story. 

But wildlife sightings in the northern part of the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex are apparently pretty common.

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Back in August, a bobcat was seen carrying its prey in a Dallas neighborhood. And then in September, another big cat was spotted in a neighborhood in North Dallas. 

And now we have a video posted to TikTok of four bobcats hanging out in someone’s driveway in McKinney. 

The thing that strikes me about the clip is that the bobcats don’t appear to be afraid of the person filming them. While they do start to go on their way at the end of the video, they’re not in a big hurry to get out of there. 

For context, I was quail hunting with a friend of mine back in the 90s when we inadvertently walked up on a bobcat that was hiding in the tall grass. Once we got within about ten feet of it, it jumped up and took off running. Of course, it scared the hell out of us. But it was just as scared of us as we were of it. 

This makes me think that the bobcats in the below video are used to seeing people. My guess is that they roam that neighborhood regularly.  

That doesn’t mean they’re ready to cuddle with you, though. I would keep a safe distance until they were far away. I would probably also invest in some pepper spray in case one decides to get up close and personal.


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