I noticed the other day that a calendar we have in the studio has all kinds of strange holidays listed on it.  One particular holiday caught my eye - July 27th,  Barbie in a Blender day. As it turns out, Barbie in a Blender Day is about more than just shoving a doll into a blender and letting her rip.

After some (not much) research, I found that the holiday was established as a celebration of Utah based artist Tom Forsythe's win in a lawsuit filed by Barbie's maker, Mattel.  In 1999 Forsythe created a series of photographs titled "Food Chain Barbie" showing nude Barbies in suggestive poses among kitchen appliances.  The lawsuit filed by Mattel claimed copyright infringement and demanded that the artist stop selling prints of his Barbie Photos. After five years, on June 30th 2004,  a federal judge finally ruled the lawsuit "frivolous" and "unreasonable" and made Mattel pay Forsythe 1.8 million dollars for legal fees and court costs.  One month later, on July 27th, 2004,  freeculture.org launched a National Barbie in a Blender day project inviting people to submit their own artistic pieces inspired by Forsythe's "Food Chain Barbie" series.

Since then July 27th has become Barbie in a Blender day and is considered a celebration of artistic free speech and fair use, but we just saw it as a great reason to put off any real work and waste some valuable time. So in honor of Barbie in a Blender day, we flexed our artistic free speech muscles (which are actually pretty small, come to find out) and created this awesomely under produced video for you.