Years ago Kidd Kraddick would often have a segment called Bedtime with Caroline, J-Si is now following in his footsteps with his daughter Chloe. Chloe loves to talk before bed so J-Si thought he should start recording it, his bedtime with Chloe. Chloe, no longer wants to just talk but loves to sing with her daddy. If you have never heard J-Si's baby talk voice this is your opportunity,  I hate to say it but it does sound a little bit creepy. Not only does Chloe break out into song, but J-Si even accompanies her and as a duet they sing "Sunshine, My Only Sunshine". After this performance Chloe is very direct in telling her dad that she doesn't in any way want Amigo, the cat, in her room at all and would prefer him to stay in the backyard. Check out the show and all of the sweet moments only a father and his little girl could share.



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