Legendary Pictures has announced they will be making a movie based on comedian Bert Kreischer's story of robbing a train with the Russian Mafia.

Kreischer's popularity as a comedian skyrocketed when a story of his went viral on the internet in late 2016. According to Kreischer, while going to school at Florida State University for 7 years, he mistakenly signed up for a Russian class and only stayed in the class after the teacher offered to let him by with a C to maintain a minimum number of students. This led to Kreischer going abroad to study in Russia with his class, ultimately befriending members of the Russian Mafia, earning his nickname "The Machine", and helping them rob a train (a story that has been reportedly confirmed by classmates of Kreischer's who were also on the trip).

(Video contains NSFW language)

According to Variety, the video has been viewed over 85 million times between YouTube and Facebook since December 2016, and Legendary has been attempting to finalize a deal with Kreischer ever since. Kreischer will serve as a producer on the movie along with Judi Marmel.

This is not the first time a story about Kreischer has been optioned into a movie. Kreischer's partying while at FSU gained the attention of 'Rolling Stone' magazine, with the Ryan Reynolds movie 'Van Wilder' becoming an adaptation of Kreischer's partying reputation.

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