Joe Rogan is helping bring more and more people to Austin, Texas.

Back in 2020, Joe Rogan left California and moved to Austin, Texas. Since then, his podcast has only gotten bigger and helped bring some pretty big names to the Austin area. Rogan will do interviews with literally anybody he finds interesting, however some of his more popular podcasts are when he has standup comedians on. Joe being a standup himself now has a big enough platform to get these guys some more eyeballs on their stuff.

Comedy Mothership

Joe has now taken it even further by opening up "Comedy Mothership" a new standup venue on the famous Sixth Street in Austin, Texas. The venue was formerly an Alamo Drafthouse that shutdown due to Covid. The first show last night was called Joe Rogan and Friends, which featured obviously Joe himself. Also David Lucas, Ron White, Tim Dillion, Roseanne Barr and Tony Hinchcliffe. You can check out some photos from Opening Night below.

During the first show last night, Joe was asked what he has planned next? "I’m done with milestones. I think I just like risks. I’m like, 'Oh yeah, let’s buy a building on a street filled with crack addicts,'" said Rogan.

New Sixth Street Coming?

I haven't been to Austin in awhile, but I have been told that Sixth Street has gotten really bad in recent years. Looks like the city is trying to clean up the 'Dirty Sixth' nickname and attract newer businesses to the area. Like restaurants, offices, music venues and a hotel. You can read about that plan here. We will see what happens to Sixth Street in the future, but right now they have a pretty big name on the street with Joe Rogan.

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