Want a dog, but don't know what to get? Here are dogs that are meant for summer living and we have some brutal summers here in Wichita Falls.

I have always had a dog in my life. Living here in Wichita Falls, I have learned that not all dogs like those hot summer days. I used to have an English Bulldog who did not like August here. Two minutes outside and he's panting wanting to get back into the air conditioning. Today I decided to see what dogs do best in hot environments.

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We know those constant days of triple digit temperatures are right around the corner and we want our furry friends to be comfortable. All info on these pets is taken from Hepper. I have never even heard of some of these dogs and I was surprised to see some of them on the list.

By the way, if your dog isn't on the list, no worries. Just be sure they're staying properly hydrated and keep an eye on them during the day when outside. You wouldn't want to keep a Siberian Husky outside all day in the Wichita Falls sun. Get those babies some A/C time just like you do for yourself on those days.

Best Dog Breeds for Wichita Falls' Summers

Here is a list of dogs that love the heat and some of the names will surprise you. Since we have many days of triple digit temperatures here in Wichita Falls, decided to look them up.

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