This Beyoncé fan certainly knows how to catch Queen Bey's attention!

In a viral TikTok, a fan recorded their reaction to Beyoncé's entrance in a powder blue gown and gloves as she glided down the stage during her Renaissance world tour, and the fan's screams captured everyone's mood.

"Bey! Bey! Bey!" the fan howled over and over as the camera shook.

Later, the fan's singing even caught Beyoncé's attention during her powerful performance of "I Care" from her 2011 album, 4.

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In a Stitch video on TikTok, another fan cropped the moment Beyoncé looked over at the extra loud fan and added a laughing audio to the video as the singer appeared to throw the fan some serious side-eye.

"Bombastic side-eye," one fan commented with laughing emojis.

Another fan joked, "Beyonce said chill out right neow!"

"I would just simply pass away if Beyonce side-eyed me," someone else commented, while another person agreed, "She ain’t have to tell me twice. I would have left the country."

Meanwhile, in the comments of the original video of the fan singing along loudly and wailing during the song, many people were amused by their passion.

"I heard this man screams on so many videos, and I’m crying laughing each time!!" one person commented.

"Sir, you gotta let mother do her job," another person said.

One fan mused, "I wonder if Beyonce KNOWS that she's Beyonce. Like idk if anyone understands what I mean. I wonder if she UNDERSTANDS the magnitude of who she is."

"She is having SO MUCH FUN. I’m living for Funyoncé," another fan commented.

The "MY POWER" singer is currently six shows into her massive Renaissance world tour, which kicked off in Stockholm, Sweden, on May 10. Next up is five nights in London after a star-studded concert in France which saw celebs like Selena Gomez, Kris Jenner, and Lenny Kravitz in attendance.

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