Yeah Bitch!

Do I really need to tell anybody about 'Breaking Bad'? Seriously, if you haven't not watched this show yet, go watch it. Definitely in my top five serious TV shows of all time. We can all quote the iconic lines from the show. 'Just because you shoot Jesse James, don't make you Jesse James,' is one of my personal favorites.

If you're a massive fan like me, you will want to plan a road trip to Dallas in the next few months. The Whippersnapper will be turning into a 'meth lab' of sorts. We talked about this place last year, when they turned into Dunder Mifflin, an 'Office' themed pop up bar. Looks like this place loves to play dress up.

What can you expect at the Breaking Bad popup? The food menu is called Los Pollos Hermanos, a reference to the fast-food restaurant on the TV show. At the Dallas pop-up, customers can buy chicken tenders with honey mustard; a fried chicken sandwich on a Hawaiian bun; a double-meat cheeseburger called the Heisenburger; tater tots and fries; and Zapp’s chips. The Heisenburger is named for White’s criminal alter ego, Heisenberg.

The signature cocktail is the Blue Sky, the nickname of the mind-bending crystal meth White makes. It’s a mix of tequila, triple sec, lime juice and blue curaçao. The Walter White cocktail is Knob Creek bourbon with Angostura bitters, sugar and an orange peel. Customers can also shoot a $3 Rocket Fuel: a JELL-O shot made with vodka and blueberry Red Bull. The Captain Cook is a trippy drink made with Funyun-and-jalapeño-infused vodka, pineapple simple syrup, pineapple juice and lemon juice.

Sounds like I need to go to Dallas. The Whippersnapper plans to run the bar starting tomorrow (January 14, 2021) until March 6, 2021. The Whippersnapper is at 1806 McMillan Avenue in Dallas.

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