For a period of my life, I was obsessed with the Austin Powers movies. I was probably around ten-years-old and I truly thought those first two Austin Powers movies were the peak of comedy. I literally went as Austin Powers for Halloween in like 2001 I think. So yes, I am excited to see that Austin Powers is somewhat making a comeback in 2023.

Mike Myers teased the possibility of a fourth movie last year, but nothing else has really came out about that. However, our good friends at the Whipper Snapper are hoping to draw up some Austin Powers buzz by transforming their bar into the Electric Shaqadelic Pussycat Swingers Club.

I swear to God if the Whippersnapper just has a girl they pay to be a part of the floor that is an Andy Warhol painting, this bar will be their best pop up ever. They will have Austin Powers themed drinks, food, and folks will be dressed up as the characters as well.

Whippersnapper peeps, please have some sort of red cocktail that is 'Austin Powers Mogo'. You could also have some sort of gold drink for Goldmember, just have some Goldschläger liquor in it and you're good to go. For a food idea, get a BBQ place to do some burnt ends for you. Will Ferrel's character is very underrated. I love when he gets burned, but doesn't die.

The Austin Powers popup will start on February 9th and run until April 1st. You can check out the Whippersnapper at 1806 McMillan Ave. in Dallas.

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