Brilliant! NBC news anchor Brian Williams "rapped" Snoop Dogg's classic 'Gin and Juice' on 'The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.' Technically, he didn't do any rapping nor did he drop any sort of lyrical science. It wasn't a cover, either.

No, Williams didn't lean back and spit the rhymes, either. It was a collection of news clips strung together. Someone took painstaking care to pull sound clips of Williams saying every word of the lyrics across different broadcasts. We cannot even imagine how difficult it was to research and edit this "song" but the end justifies the means, since the result is hilarious.

Williams also popped by the show to address his feelings on these videos, which have become infamous and have made him a, uh, player in the rap world.

He said (quotes via TODAY), "I'm downstairs, I'm doing the [Nightly News] broadcast that pays for your 'hobby,' and people think I have somehow colluded into the making of these videos. Let’s be clear -- I’ve never said 'hippity.'"

Are we clear, Mr. Williams? Crystal. We'd never think you were somehow colluded into making these funny videos. As if.

Williams also said that these videos are all people ever mention to him now. Thanks to Fallon and his staff's hilarious shenanigans, Williams has become quite a figure in the rap world and he hasn't even done anything to "earn" it. Holla!