She wasn't beating the dogs, but some would consider it just as cruel.

Ashley Kraning was sentenced to 30 days in jail for an incident back in 2015. Kraning and her husband were evicted from a home off FM 368. The owner of the property said Kraning left her belongings in the property, along with two little dogs. This was on September 8, 2015. He came back six days later and noticed the dogs were still in the property and were starting to look malnourished.

Their ribs, vertebrae, shoulder blades and pelvic bones were showing. Deputies reported the dogs did not have any food or water and the prosecution said Kraning enclosed the dogs to die. "These animals depend on humans to take care of them, and when you fail them, it's a very serious thing.  The laws are there.  We like to see the laws enforced,"  said Jan Herzog, Texas  Humane Legislation Network.

Ashley will actually only be serving 14 days in jail because Wichita County gives a two for one credit. Her husband Thomas was also charged, but his trial date has not been announced yet.

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