I love a good food challenge, but sadly I found one in our area I will never be able to try.

For years I have said the toughest food challenge in our area is at the Gutierrez Family Restaurant. It's a seven pound burrito that has literally every meat on the menu in this bad boy. Yes, even the hot dogs off the kids menu are thrown into the burrito. You can watch me attempt to eat it below.

I maybe got half way through that thing, and I think I am being generous with saying half way. If you can finish this thing, you're a god amongst men in my book. Even though I did not finish this massive challenge, I still enjoy trying them. Sadly, one in our area is no more.

The Extinct Oil Boom Burger of Burkburnett

Photo Credit Randy Santel Food Challenges Website
Photo Credit Randy Santel Food Challenges Website

Whenever I try to do research on food challenges in our area. I occasionally find some info on an old restaurant in Burkburnett, appropriately called the Burk Diner. Looks like this place closed sometime in 2016. However, I did find someone asking about this particular burger back in 2015, if it was still on the menu.

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I have no idea how long this food challenge was on the menu and I can't find ANYTHING on the internet about someone trying it. Not another photo or video ANYWHERE. That photo above is the only proof I have that thing is real. I can find other websites talking about it, but no one actually attempting this thing.

What Was the Oil Boom Burger?

According to a post in 2012 from Texas Food Challenges, it was described as this:

This is a food challenge at the Burk Diner which is located in Burkburnett, TX. This hamburger is nearly 7 pounds total, which consists of 5 pounds of beef in 10 hamburger patties with 10 slices of all American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, onion, and pickle topped of course with chili. If you can eat this Oil Boom Burger in 60 minutes or less you win a free t-shirt and have your picture taken and put on their wall of fame.

Someone in Burkburnett HAS to have one of those free t shirts or a photo of them with a finished plate. If you have any info on this massive burger, please send it my way.

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