I think I have to retire from food challenges. I guess I don't have it anymore, because I officially have a losing record.

So over the weekend, I decided to support my Dallas Cowboys on the road in Jacksonville, Florida. I am not here to discuss the game because my flight after the game was delayed four hours. I did not get into Wichita Falls until 2:30 this morning. So excuse me if I am still a little pissed off about the events of Sunday.

Cowboys nation was all over Jacksonville over the weekend. Sadly the minority of Jaguars fans in attendance got to see their team win in overtime after Dak threw an interception. Besides going to the game, I wanted to do one thing. Try this damn burger that I saw online.

^That is from Blue Boy Sandwich Shop in Jacksonville. They have something on their menu called The Monster Burger that is meant to be split between four people. If you attempt to eat this by yourself in 30 minutes. You get your picture on the wall and a tshirt. Of course, I had to try it so I got a ride 20 minutes away from downtown Jacksonville to give it a try.

I really thought I could do this one because I have eaten a two pound burger before. The problem...the bread at this place. Holy s*** was it good. They apparently make it fresh every day and you can tell. This bun was so thick it was like attempting to eat two pounds of hamburger meat, and then you have to eat like a cake with it.

The other problem, toppings galore on this thing. I hate pickles and towards the end, all I was tasting was pickles and wanted to stop. I couldn't do it. I ate around 75% of the burger I would say. If you ever travel to Jacksonville and want a good sandwich, check out Blue Boy Sandwich Shop.

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All the locals were proud I found their 'little gem' in their city as they called it. Before I finish, let me add in a video of when I was actually good at food challenges and before I started sucking at these things.

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