With the Olympics in full swing, it’s time to take pause and reflect on our athletes and the fun they have back home. That is, when they’re not spending 16 hours a day perfecting their sport. What you might never think of is them doing awesome trick shots.

On YouTube, Dude Perfect is always looking for a great shot, and they went on the road to hang out with our athletes and have fun with trick shots. While Dude Perfect is doing most of the throwing, you’ll also see Olympians getting in on the action as well. What I’m wondering is how many takes they needed to do to get the ball through the hoop, but regardless of that number it’s still jaw-dropping to see a ball go through that little net after being thrown over buildings and other large objects.

They should make trick shots and Olympic sport.

I only have one question – What is it with the panda bear they’re hanging out with?