If you're in band, give up now. You will never be able to compete with the likes of Tuna and The Rock Cats.

So I was fascinated today when I heard about a show coming to Fort Worth exactly one month from today. The Amazing Acro-Cats will be performing at Stage West Theatre April 19-21. Yes, these are actual cats putting on a performance. The cool thing is, these are all rescue cats from an organization called Rock Cats Rescue. It looks like the organization is based out of Georgia, but they travel across the country performing.

The group trains the cats to ride skateboards, jump through hoops, ring bells, balance on balls and performing other feats of agility and entertainment. Apparently the finale of the show is something called 'Tuna and the Rock Cats'. Which apparently have a cult like following. They have performed on Late Show before, check it out below.

Tuna and the Rock Cats Performance

So if you know a crazy cat guy or gal in your life. This seems like something that is right up there alley. By the way, a portion of ticket sales go to helping out cat rescues in the area that they're playing in. Tickets start at $35 if you're interested in attending. By the way, if you saw the Netflix show 'Cat People', this organization was featured on there as well.

So if you ever see a runaway cat, maybe one day they will be a star in this rock band. Keyboard Cat walked so Tuna and the Rock Cats could run.

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