Cartoons taught us that dogs and cats shouldn't get along, but a cat was truly a hero to one family dog up in Oklahoma.

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We all know depending on where you live, some dangerous critters can get into your backyard. Well one family up in Edmond, Oklahoma decided to let their six-year-old dog Oakley out to use the bathroom for bed. Sadly for the family, two coyotes were in their backyard and started attacking Oakley. Lucky for Oakley, a stray cat came to the rescue.

Watch Cat Scare Off Attacking Coyotes

The family in Oklahoma says the cat sort of roams the neighborhood. They occasionally feed the cat that they have nicknamed Bink. Well Bink who is used to growing up on the streets was not going to put up with some coyotes hurting the family that occasionally feeds them. Binx rushes to the rescue of the dog and coyotes scramble not wanting to mess with Binx the badass cat.

Update on Oakley the Dog

As you can see in the video above, the dog was bitten a few times by the coyote before Binx came in for the rescue. The dog was bitten pretty severely on the chest and needed stitches plus a splint. After about a month recovery, the dog is doing just fine. Hopefully the family gets Binx some special food or some catnip they next time they roam into the yard. The stray cat deserves a special treat for being the hero to Oakley.

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