Who knew Lucy Park was home to one of the most epic light saber battles of all time?

Can I just say I love the internet. I was trying to come up with something to do for 'Star Wars' today since it is May the Fourth. I was coming up with ideas and just decided to type in Star Wars Wichita Falls into YouTube. Like a gift from the gods, I found this video from a decade ago in Wichita Falls.

Looks like a pair of kids, description says Matt and Brian Burns, decided to have a light saber battle in Lucy Park. Who knew we had our very own version of Star Wars kid in town. If I can get these kids to go viral like that, I would be very happy today. However, Star Wars kid ranks in the top ten for famous internet videos.


By the way, can I just say I love the blood effects in this video. I feel like some of those scenes in Star Wars needed a little more blood. The only one I really remember is when Obi Wan cuts Ponda's arm off in the Cantina. Yes, I know that because I am a nerd.


However you decide to celebrate May the Fourth today, I hope the force will be with you. Also, you watch us below at the station also terribly add Star Wars effects to things in Wichita Falls.

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