lucy park

Why You Should Not Feed Bread To The Ducks
It seems like such a nice, fun thing to do with the kiddos. Grab the partial loaf of bread and head down to Lucy Park to feed the ducks. But there’s a really good reason why you shouldn’t do that.
First if all, it’s bread, probably white bread, pretty m…
T-Rex Bones Uncovered At Lucy Park
Visitors to Lucy Park have uncovered a wonderful and fun-filled set of life-sized Tyrannosaurus Rex bones ready for children of all ages to explore and enjoy. The “bones” are actually fiber-cement casts produced by Playworld Systems of Dallas. City of Wichita Falls Parks …
Best Parks/Playgrounds In Wichita Falls – Our Top Five
Cluttered house, Kids running up and down the hall screaming, easy cheese all over the dog - yep, it's summer time!
Summer has typically been the time for family vacations and long trips, but with increased travel costs these days more and more people are keeping it close to home this summer...

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