You may start to notice some new features to the theater in the mall. Speaking on behalf of all of Wichita Falls, WOO-HOO!

Last March, we learned AMC bought up Carmike Cinemas, which is what is in the mall location. We recently noticed that the new owners of the theater started putting their logos up around the theater. Back when the ownership changes were announced, I gave AMC's corporate office a call and they said it was too early in the deal to know what would happen with Carmike.

Since AMC logos are now appearing in the mall theater, I decided to give AMC another call and got a better response this time.

mall theater getting updated AMC logos
AMC logo on the movie times screen (Townsquare Media)

The lady I spoke to at AMC told me they have currently remodeled 90% of their current AMC theaters. After they finish with those, they will move on to the Carmike Cinemas that need updating.

I could not stress to her enough how the Wichita Falls location is in need of some updates. I left my phone number and email with her. She said she would give it to the right people when they announce updates to the former Carmike Cinemas. So, upgrades to the mall theater are coming, we just need to wait for the other AMCs to be updated first.

One change, however (seen below), has already happened. They just added a new Coca-Cola machine where you can mix and match soda as you please. The food and snacks menu is still basically the same, aside from a few small price changes. The theater will also continue to honor the annual popcorn bucket deal throughout the year.

If/when someone from AMC does contact me, I will let you guys know as soon as possible.

sikes theater new owners remodel
New soda fountains and slushy machine (Townsquare Media)

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