Today, we finally have some clear shots of ANNE HATHAWAY in her Catwoman costume from "The Dark Knight Rises" . . . and I have a feeling this one's going to split Batman fans down the middle.

Old-schoolers may dig it, because it's VERY similar to the Catwoman costumes worn by JULIE NEWMAR and EARTHA KITT in the '60s "Batman" TV series.

It's a full-bodied, skin-tight catsuit.  Which can be sexy . . . especially when it's worn by a woman as respectably endowed as Anne Hathaway.

At the same time, though, it's a full-bodied catsuit . . . which is kind of dull by today's standards . . . especially compared to the slutty sorority girl Halloween costume version worn by HALLE BERRY in her "Catwoman" movie.

(--Check out the new Catwoman . . . along with shots of past Catwomen Julie Newmar, Eartha Kitt, MICHELLE PFEIFFER and Halle Berry.)