The AMC theater in the Sikes Senter mall was in definite need of some upgrades and so far the renovations are looking great.

Back in 2016, we reported that the former owners of the mall theater were bought out by AMC. We got in contact with AMC that day about plans for upgrading the old Carmike Cinemas. I think we can all agree that theater needed some upgrades. We were told once all the current AMC theatres were remodeled, they would then move on to the Carmike Cinemas that needed updates.

Looks like that time is now for the mall theatre. Back in May, we told you about the plan for the upgrades. This included power reclining seats, new screens, and the latest audiovisual equipment, as well as a new concession stand with new and improved food and snack options. Sounds pretty awesome. Now we have our first peek at the remodel.

Massive thank you to Jessica Bowling for taking these photos and to Allison Paige Padron for putting them on Facebook. The seats do look very comfortable and one photo shows off the reclining feature. We were told the complete remodel would be done sometime in the Fall and it looks like massive progress has already been made. We will keep an eye on more upgrades as they arrive.

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