Anytime I’m feeling nostalgic, I just head on over to YouTube.   It’s the closest thing that we have to a time machine.  While I was there, I discovered an old video of Fun Land Amusement Park, which is sadly not even around anymore.  I didn’t even know that Wichita Falls had an amusement park back in the day, but apparently there was one that operated for 35 years.

Fun Land Amusement Park, was located at the corner of Southwest Parkway and Weeks Park Lane right here in Wichita Falls.  When the park originally opened in 1960, it was known as Kiddieland.   While the land was owned by the city, the amusement park itself was run by Ben Woody.  Throughout the years, the park expanded and added several new rides including a ferris wheel, bumper cars, and even a roller coaster.   It even had a train that went around the park.

Unfortunately, Fun Land Amusement Park is no longer around.  The park permanently closed in 1995 after the park’s operator Fred Foley, unexpectedly passed away.  The city tried to find another operator to run the park, however they were unsuccessful in their search.  Eventually the rides were sold, and the city turned the site into Weeks Park.  Currently, a golf course occupies the land where Fun Land Amusement Park once stood.

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I wish that we had a small amusement park like this in Wichita Falls.  Not only would it be a fun family outing on the weekends, but it would be an ideal place for children’s birthday parties.  While Wichita Falls has similar attractions like Castaway Cove Water Park, and the Family Fun Center, it’s not the same.

Take a trip down memory Lane, and check out the YouTube video footage of the park below.  According to the video’s uploader, it was filmed sometime in the late 70’s.  If you’re a Wichita Falls native, you may recognize some of the old school amusement park rides.

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