Chris Brown left his vacation home in a mess. TMZ reports that the singer was kicked out of his villa in Ibiza after the landlord told police that Brown destroyed the property. According to the police report, Brown or one of his friends had thrown knives or carved the walls of the crib.

The damage did not stop there as the landlord said there was vomit all over the villa. And to make matters worse, someone reportedly urinated in the bed. Police got involved in the situation when Chris Brown refused to leave hours earlier as the landlord demanded. Cops came to force the Virginia native out of the place.

The landlord is seeking about $60,000 to cover all of the damage that was done to his property. Chris Brown also owed $26,000 for the rent of the vacation home. A source told TMZ that Brown has paid the rent in full as the problem was a banking issue on the landlord's side.

Getting kicked out of the rented villa simply adds to the drama that has surrounded Chris Brown of late. The singer is currently being sued by former Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight. The rap mogul is suing Brown and the owners of the Los Angeles nightclub 1OAK over a 2014 shooting that left the former Knight with seven gunshot wounds. On top of that, a report recently emerged that Brown's European tour manager quit her job after being threatened by the singer. The manager claimed that Brown verbally harassed to such a point that she feared for her safety.

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