In one of the best ‘The Voice‘ promos and Super Bowl commercials we’ve seen — and there have been a lot of both — coaches Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee Lo Green riff on the movie ‘Kill Bill.’

The edgy and darkly humorous spot features Aguilera sitting in a lobby of a hotel, her attention captured by a beautiful, stunning voice echoing throughout the building. Someone is singing in the shower, but who?

Xtina does a back flip to try and get closer to that voice and to keep her fellow coaches out of her way. When Xtina wants something, she goes for it! But she is physically stopped and lassoed by Shelton, who is also enamored of the voice, and then engages in fisticuffs with Levine. All the action occures while that instantly recognizable ‘Kill Bill’ theme blares in the background. Quentin Tarantino would be proud of this spoof on one of his best (and most violent) films.

Cee Lo shows up in a replica of Uma Thurman’s signature yellow outfit and karate chops his co-coaches. Hiiiiiiya!

The coaches eventually locate the source of that beautiful singing and it’s none other than pop culture’s favorite nonagenarian Betty White, who is more popular and in demand at 90 than she was at 60! Wrapped in a white hotel robe, she deadpans, “It’s about time someone wanted me for my voice instead of my body.”

You know it, B. White!

The season premiere of ‘The Voice’ is set for tonight (Feb. 5) after the Super Bowl XLVI.