Update, 11/30: The "Adventure of a Lifetime" video has arrived, and reimagines the band as four dancing monkeys in the CGI jungle. It's a little tough to imagine Chris Martin pulling these moves himself in front of a green screen, but do try to imagine it while you watch above.

Coldplay's Mylo Xyloto, released in 2011, ushered in a brand new chapter for the Brit rock group that did away with their previously earmark melancholy and played with pop and uplifting guitar, instead. And a brand new single released on November 6 proves more change is yet to come—plus, with the additional help of two of pop's current queens.

"Adventure of a Lifetime," the lead single from the forthcoming A Head Full of Dreams, is a slightly psychedelic, friendly dance number replete with chirpy guitar that made "Every Teardrop Is a Waterfall" a hit ("Turn your magic on, to me she'd say / Everything you want's a dream away," it optimistically insists). And there's likely more feel-gooding to come, as the group announced on their website that their "life-affirming" seventh album will feature Beyonce and Tove Lo. Uhh, sure, sounds good!

Coldplay have "never enjoyed making a record more than this one," the site continues, and with song names like "Color Spectrum," "Amazing Day" and "Everglow" among the 11-track album, we can imagine why. Christmas morning sounds like a nightmare comparatively.

A Head Full of Dreams, which was produced by Norway's Stargate and recorded in installments all over the world, will be available on December 4, and pre-order of the CD will include a collection of "holographic stickers."

Check out "Adventure of a Lifetime" above and tell us what you think!

A Head Full of Dreams
1. "A Head Full Of Dreams"
2. "Birds"
3. "Hymn For The Weekend"
4. "Everglow"
5. "Adventure Of A Lifetime"
6. "Fun"
7. "Kaleidoscope"
8. "Army Of One"
9. "Amazing Day"
10. "Colour Spectrum"
11. "Up&Up"

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