A resurfaced video of Colleen Ballinger, the YouTube star behind Miranda Sings, detailing how her family dog was put down because she lied has sparked horror and outrage online.

Years ago, Ballinger — who is currently embroiled in controversy following allegations of grooming and sending inappropriate messages to minors — posted a YouTube video in which she claimed her family had to put their dog down when she was a child because she lied after antagonizing it.

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"I grabbed the dog for no reason and pinched its skin and dug my nails into it. The dog yelps, turns around to protect itself and bites me in the face," Ballinger explains in the video, after revealing she had a bad temper and would often throw tantrums as a kid.

"I got stitches and went to the hospital, and they were like, 'What happened?' and I was like, 'The dog just bit me,'" she continues, imitating crying.

"And then they had to put the dog to sleep because the dog was dangerous to be around. So I murdered a dog," Ballinger adds in a strangely proud tone.

Watch a clip from the original YouTube video, which has now gone viral on TikTok, below:

The TikTok, which has over 900,000 views and counting as of publishing, shocked former fans, who blasted the YouTuber on social media.

"I WAS NOT EXPECTING THIS WHEN I SAW SHE WAS BEING CANCELLED????" one person commented under the TikTok video.

"I would never forgive myself for having a dog put down even if it ripped my face off omg," someone else weighed in.

"The way she says it as a joke as if it’s not a horrifying story," another user wrote.

"Why is she so cheerful about it?" another person questioned on a Reddit discussion about the controversial moment.

"Kids do stupid sh--, so I’m not mad at kid Colleen for doing that, but it’s the fact that as an adult she’s so proudly telling the story like it’s some quirky funny thing. Yikes," another Reddit user noted.

"What the actual eff? She is a sociopath describing this with no emotion," someone else declared.

Ballinger actually addressed the dog story in an apology video posted to YouTube in 2020. In that video, she claimed she was only 3 years old when the incident occurred but acknowledged that she talked about the situation in a "very insensitive way."

"In reality, when our dog was put down, I was really upset," she said.

However, the dog story clip is hardly the only resurfaced footage that has disturbed people online.

In a viral video from one of Ballinger's previous Miranda Sings live performances, the influencer brings an underage fan on stage for a "yoga challenge" that involves spreading the teen's legs in front of the audience.

"I was laying under Colleen, and she was smirking down at me while thousands of people were laughing. I was terrified that my body wasn't covered enough. I basically felt naked, so it felt incredibly sexually violating," the former fan seen in the video explained on TikTok.

"After the show, I had to walk back to my car where there [were] many men staring at me in a very [predatory] way that they were not looking at me before ... Colleen exploited my minor body for money and entertainment," she alleged.

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