Adding to their already negative current public image, United Airlines is now being accused of needlessly kicking a couple off of a flight Saturday on their way to their wedding.

Michael Hohl and his fiance Amber were traveling with their wedding party from Salt Lake City to Costa Rica. Changing planes in Houston, Hohl and Amber were the last two people to board the plane. Coming to their row, they found another passenger laying down asleep, taking up their seats. Not wanting to disturb the passenger and noting that the flight was only half-filled, the couple moved up a few rows,

We thought not a big deal, it’s not like we are trying to jump up into a first-class seat. We were simply in an economy row a few rows above our economy seat.

When approached by a flight attendant, the couple was asked to return to their assigned seats as the row they were in was considered "Economy Plus" and an upgrade from their original seats. Hohl said that though he and his fiance moved back to their seats, an Air Marshal approached them and removed them from the flight. Hohl said they were told they were being removed for being disorderly and a hazard to other passengers. United told KHOU that Hohl and his fiance repeatedly tried to sit in upgraded seating and refused to abide by crew instructions,

We’re disappointed anytime a customer has an experience that doesn’t measure up to their expectations. These passengers repeatedly attempted to sit in upgraded seating which they did not purchase and they would not follow crew instructions to return to their assigned seats. We’ve been in touch with them and have rebooked them on flights tomorrow.

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