After going virtual in the early days of the pandemic last year, Cowboy True is back in real life for 2021.

This year marks the 10th Anniversary of this Wichita Falls Arts Council event that celebrates everything connected with the cowboy way of life and they're doing it up right.

Friday night's activities include the Artists Awards and Reception, an online auction, and a cowboy concert from Johnny Rodriguez inside the arena.

Tickets to the Friday night concert are $40 and can be purchased through the MPEC box office.

The Artist Exhibition continues through the day on Saturday and this part of Cowboy True is free to the public. In addition to the amazing cowboy themed art pieces there will also be cowboy activities for the whole family. If you'd love to see the exhibits but aren't comfortable getting out into public gatherings just yet, there will also be virtual tours of the event on the Cowboy True Facebook page.

Once the exhibition is wrapped up for the day it's time for the Saturday Night Dinner and Prize Drawings. Tickets to this part of Cowboy True are $75 each and only 250 tickets will be sold, so if you want to go you'd better get yours pronto. That ticket gets you an honest to goodness chuckwagon meal from HX Chuck Wagon and a chance to win some pretty special prizes.

Cowboy True via Facebook

Cowboy True is a weekend set aside to celebrate the music, food, and cowboy art that honors the working cowboys of yesterday and today. If you venture down to the J.S. Bridwell Ag Center to check it out, you'll see some really amazing pieces and meet some really interesting people.

Cowboy True via Facebook

Follow Cowboy True on Facebook or visit their official website for more information.

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