Looks like Tampa Bay has started the mind games before the game even kicks off on Monday.

As you may know in the NFL, the home team decides what uniform they want to wear. Most of the time, the home team picks their home color jersey. A white uniform is usually reserved for the road. The Dallas Cowboys when they're home, always wear white. Some NFL teams have decided to force the Cowboys into their blue jerseys to 'throw them off their game'.

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I have always called this so called curse a bunch of bulls***. Well, they do say numbers never lie. The Dallas Cowboys have never won a playoff game while rocking the navy blue jerseys they currently wear. The last time they won a playoff game in blue? You have to go all the way back to Roger Staubach.

Hell that's not even the same blue. All the way back in 1978, was the last time the Cowboys won in a blue jersey. As you may know, that was a good year for the Cowboys. This was a Super Bowl winning year for the team. This would be number two in Cowboys history and the Los Angeles Rams trying to 'curse' the Cowboys did not work on this day. It was a 28-0 blowout. However, since then, the so called curse has been real in the playoffs.

1980 NFC Championship in Philadelphia 20-7 Loss

1982 NFC Championship in Washington DC 31-17 Loss

1996 NFC Divisional Round in Carolina 26-17 Loss

2003 NFC Wild Card Round in Carolina 29-10 Loss

Will the streak continue? Tune in on Monday to find out. You can listen to every Dallas Cowboys game in Wichita Falls on 106.3 the Buzz and NewsTalk1290.

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