Tony...what were you about to say right here?

Anybody who is friends with me knows, once the Cowboys are out. Football season is done for me. I spent my Sunday watching Game of Thrones (yes I am late to the party) and playing Overwatch 2. Looks like everyone was pissed with how the AFC Championship ended and the Eagles killed the 49ers. So glad I spent my Sunday how I did.

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However, I didn't see anybody talking about this today until I saw this video on Twitter this morning. Apparently during the fourth quarter, Chiefs running back Isiah Pacheco broke through three Bengals defenders. Tony says, "The extra yards, the tough yards, the finish of the play, right there you have three N...players." You can watch the clip below.

This family wasn't the only one who noticed this last night.

My personnel favorite response of the day from this guy.

Listen, I am not the biggest Romo person in the world. I did not get the hype in his 18 MILLION DOLLAR PER YEAR contract with CBS. Are sponsors really lining up to buy CBS advertising since Romo is on the call? Maybe I am in the minority on this one, but Romo when I tune in is pretty much saying "I don't know about this one Jim."

Who knows what happens if Romo said what we all think he was going to say. CBS has him locked in until 2030 and Michelob Ultra has a multi million dollar ad campaign with him for Super Bowl Sunday. I don't think Romo plans on releasing a statement, but I can't imagine what word he was going to say...other that the racial slur the internet is thinking.

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