I got to be honest, I want one.

I am a massive Dallas Mavericks fan and have worn the same Dirk Nowitzki shirt to games for about a decade now. Dirk is retired and I think it's time for me to upgrade. The Dallas Mavericks just unveiled their 'city-edition' jerseys. The NBA let's every team design their own jersey with something that is inspired by the city.

You may have seen some of the ones in the past from the Mavericks. Honestly nothing to special in my opinion. They had one that said DAL on it and the other the Maverick logo took up the whole front of the jersey in a different color blue. Like I said, nothing too impressive.

The latest jersey was designed by Dallas graffiti artist Tex Moton. He decided to take his 90's inspired graffiti art and add it to the Mavericks uniform. I noticed the touches of green in their similar to the Mavericks logo back then. Some people say it's Nickelodeon meets Fresh Prince of Bel Air. As a kid that grew up with those things, yeah I like it. You can see the Mavericks wear these for the first time on November 26th against the Los Angeles Clippers.

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