The Dallas Zoo has been in the news A LOT the past few weeks and something weird is definitely going on at the property.

About two weeks ago, the Dallas Zoo was in the news for one of the leopards just getting out of it's enclosure. After an investigation, it appears someone intentionally cut a tear in the enclosure so that the animal could escape. That is bad having a dangerous animal that could potentially escape the zoo grounds and harm innocent folks in Dallas. Thankfully the animal was eventually found(About eight hours after it was reported missing).

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You would think this would be the only headlines the Dallas Zoo makes in 2023, hell it's not the only headlines they're making in JANUARY. Apparently the Dallas Zoo is now investigating the death of one of their endangered species on the property. Now sadly, animals die. However it looks like someone intentionally killed this endangered animal.

The animal in question is a lappet-faced vulture and only 27 of them are in captivity. According to a spokesperson from the Dallas Zoo, it is entirely possible this animal goes on the critically endangered list or possibly even extinct in our lifetime. Apparently the vulture that was killed was named Pin and has helped create 11 new lappet-faced vultures while at the Dallas Zoo.

Sadly, Pin died and zoo officials are perplexed by the death. It was not natural causes and it appears a fatal wound was done on Pin. The Zoo called the Dallas Police Department because they feel this was an intentional killing of the animal. They do not believe it was something in the enclosure or another animal did to Pin.

The zoo is offering a $10,000 reward for any information leading to an arrest or indictment of the individual responsible for these acts. The zoo says they're increasing their overnight security and also beefing up the amount of night vision cameras on the property as well.

I don't know if the person responsible for the leopard is also responsible for the vulture death. It is crazy that these two incidents happened just within a few weeks.

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