After the last incident, I said how in the hell is this possible? Honestly, someone needs to be fired at this point for all this crap going on.


This maybe an over exaggeration on my part right here, but maybe Joe Exotic can run a zoo better than the folks over in Dallas. Seriously, they said after the last incident security would be beefed up and they would be installing more cameras. All eyes are on the Dallas Zoo and YET another animal has had an issue. Actually this time two.

Back on January 13th, the Dallas Zoo was closed due to a leopard getting out of it's enclosure. They said they were closed due to a 'code blue' which means a 'non dangerous animal is out of captivity'. I want to stress a f***ing leopard got out and that is somehow a non dangerous animal. What the f*** are we doing here?! The animal was found later that afternoon on the zoo premises.

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Alright, s*** happens and we're going to ensure nothing like this happens again, right? ONE WEEK LATER, the Dallas Zoo shared another incident on their grounds. Apparently someone got into a habitat for a lappet-faced vulture, which is on the endangered species list by the way. This person killed the animal in it's enclosure. The zoo's statement said, "The circumstances of the death are unusual, and the death does not appear to be from natural causes."

So a leopard has gotten out and someone has killed an endangered animal in the span of two weeks. Well...we can't even get out of January before something else awful happens.

As soon as I got home from work last night, I saw this. The Dallas Zoo shared that someone has stolen two of their Emperor Tamarin Monkeys. At this point, just close the zoo. Find other zoos or a sanctuary to care for these animals. The Dallas Zoo has had an incident almost every week this month.

Dallas police are investigating all of the incidents. A spokesperson said that the department is collaborating with US Fish and Wildlife on the investigations.You can't have people coming onto zoo grounds killing and stealing the animals. The fact this happened more than once in a year would be crazy. The fact this happened in three straight weeks is just insane at this point.

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